The Taarishaan, despite its appearance, is a completely unarmed shuttle of elcor design intended to move survey teams and colonists through hazardous areas, or elcor infantry through battlezones. The Taarishaan is heavily shielded and armored, and boasts the ability to move through FTL. It's completely unarmed, though it can lower slits of its armor to allow its complement to fire outwards; the feature is not used particularly often.

Though technically unarmed, the Tarishaan supports four anti-proton thrusters used, primarily, for maneuvering. This has resulted in several deaths during battles in arcologies, space stations, and other regions where a smallcraft got a bit too close to the Tarishaan it was pursuing, and was melted when the shuttle pilot decided to put on a burst of speed. It's also resulted in some pirates using them, as the ability of the thrusters to melt off ship armor, or melt through a hardened target, isn't exactly underestimated.

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