Developed by the Salarian Special Tasks Group in 2172, TPX-479 is a powerful, two-part technology used for covert corporate espionage operations. Although usually taken in pharmaceutical form, the drug itself is little more than a harmless hormone, serving only as a catalyst for implants spread throughout the subject’s body. When activated by TPX-479, these implants create a series of short-term chemical reactions with the subject’s skin, which can change several properties about it – including skin color, thickness and tautness. These properties then remain until the skin is shed and subsequently replaced by a new layer.

As a project, TPX-479 was originally envisioned by biotechnology firm Singura Dermatech as a means of aiding patients suffering severe burn wounds. When the Sirta Foundation’s Medi-Gel Technology was introduced into the galactic economy, however, the project was scrapped and the developers moved to other projects. These developers were subsequently hired by Special Tasks, and the project has since been retrofitted for visually changing Agents’ identities for undercover purposes, and has been strategically used in the prevention of over a dozen cases of corporate terrorism.

An unspecified quantity of TPX-479 was stolen from the STG during the SDU Raids of 2187.

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