The Systems Alliance-Vies War of 2190 (shorter, more descriptive name pending approval by political experts and the public) was a conflict between the Systems Alliance and the Republic of Vies, taking place in the Attican Traverse.

The conflict was preceded by a lesser war between the republics of Vies and Caleston over colony ownership disputes between the two. The ignition point of the Vies-Caleston war was the palladium-rich world of Avakk III, which Vies had laid claim to and Caleston had occupied. Viesian forces made an undeclared attack on Calestoni forces stationed on the planet, which prompted Caleston's declaration of war in retaliation.

The Systems Alliance became involved in the conflict, as Caleston is a major supplier of element zero to them and they host a SAN naval base in the region as well. As a result, the Systems Alliance sent observers to Avakk III for Caleston's counter-attack, but Viesians took them as hostages. Vies threatened their two Systems Alliance marines with execution, if the SA did not withdraw their support to Caleston. The Alliance conducted a rescue mission instead that succeeded in rescuing the captives but provoked the situation into an open war between the two states.

The actual conflict itself ended up lasting two years. Avakk III saw bitter ground warfare both in open and urban terrain. Systems Alliance's forces in the theater also included Turian Hierarchy detachment and local allied PMC. The Viesi used nerve gas, provided by their backers in the Confederacy, but it did not provide the desired force multiplier to their war efforts. Come 2192, the Systems Alliance was victorious, and dictated terms of surrender to the besieged Viesi republic.

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