A human agency that represents the species to the wider galaxy. Backed by Earth’s most powerful nations, the Alliance became humanity’s military, exploratory, and economic spearhead. Following the Reaper conflict, the military now governs both Alliance space and Earth itself. Originally intended to serve humanity's interests only in the sphere of space and never on Earth, some see its presence and authority over Earth as a gross overstep of their authority and a violation of the Systems Alliance Charter.

Contributing Nations Included

Reaper War

Systems Alliance in the Reaper War

Post War

That old understanding of the SA's purpose was the first casualty of the Reaper War. The invaders targeted the centers of administration in the first wave of the invasion, and none escaped unscathed. From Beijing to Brussels, Earth’s political capitals were wiped out before their inhabitants could even be evacuated. The scant survivors were abducted by the Reapers on the pretense of negotiating peace, and then brainwashed. By the conflict’s end, the national governments who had first signed the Alliance into being no longer existed. Earth was in anarchy.

The fleet - at any rate initially stranded within the Sol system due to the loss of the relays - moved into Earth’s orbit. Marines were dispatched to the surface to secure the remaining human cities. There was little resistance mobilized against the occupation force, not least because there was no one left to resist. The survivors of the Reaper Wars sought only the return of peace and security; Alliance administration offered the best hope for this. Within three months, the occupation was complete and Earth was under direct Alliance administration. The agent of galactic policy had become the arbiter of domestic affairs.

The occupation was formalized into a provisional military government.


The Alliance is now governed by a provisional military government, with legislative and executive powers of the old parliament assumed by military officers. This government is led by Fleet Admiral Steven Hackett, once Chief of Defence advising the Prime Minister, and the Council of Advisors, consisting of senior admirals and generals.

Title Area/Region Military Rank Named Officers
Adjutant Districts Staff Lieutenant SSLT Sakai Kenichi, SLT Alexandra Isaeva,

SLT Lakshmana Gopinath 

Prefect Provinces/Major Cities Lieutenant Commander LCDR Joseph Monroe
Administrator Region Staff Commander
Director Continent or small population colony not

under cluster management

Captain/Major Rear Admiral Miskatovich
Colonial Director-General Colony Rear Admiral/General General Amira Suchon (Bhadav), Rear

Admiral Wajeeh Eswara (Terra Nova)

Cluster Director-General Cluster with multiple colonies Admiral Admiral Yang Sheng-ji (Exodus Cluster)
Director-General Earth Fleet Admiral
Council of Advisors Systems Alliance Director-Generals
Leader of the Systems Alliance Systems Alliance ---- Fleet Admiral Steven Hackett

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