Doug Mitchell (CDN username: "Survivor") is the owner and operator of a small mining operation on Sidonia, speciallizing in platinum and platinum group metals. Sidonia is in the Attican Traverse, on the edge of Alliance space.

Born in the UNAS on Earth in 2145, Doug later moved to Terra Nova when the family busniess Mitchell Metalurgy started operating there, and several years later to Sidonia to head the lastest expansion by the company. His position in the company hierarchy is unclear.

Shortly after the mining team began to set up operations on Sidonia, they stumbled upon a thresher maw, which killed several of the miners before they were able to kill it. This in combination with a handful of pirate attacks on shipments has made Doug something of a paranoid, and has diverted much of his share of the profits from the mine to outfitting a large armory on the planet, and turning part of the mines into an underground bunker.

Doug lives with his wife Heather.

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