The Striped Telfax is a small four-legged omnivore, native to the turian colony of Keptinos.

Telfax are active during the day, and live in Keptinos's northern forests. Their defining characteristics are their striped fur pattern, their comparatively large paws and strong-build legs, and their ability to climb the trees in search for food such as bird's nests, fruits, or arboreal rodents. Their heads have a large mouth to crack shells and casings on food, and two sets of eyes help them keep track of more agile prey. They are territorial, and guard their territory vigilantly if they feel threatened by strangers.

The telfax was domesticated by the turian colonists in order to keep Keptinos's vermin from infesting their smaller warehouses, the interiors of which represented an environment playing to the hunting strengths of the telfax. Through breeding, the domesticated telfax is now well adapted to enclosed spaces, and has became a semi-popular pet within the Hierarchy. In large cities the telfax population can become a problem, where available living spaces and edible refuse creates the conditions for uncontrolled feral breeding.

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