A popular children's cartoon in the Illuminated Primacy, about friends who have to live through life at school while dealing with magic powers.


Straight: A hanar.

Narrow: A male drell.

Another hanar, a close friend to Straight.

Aldriac: A recurring trouble-maker, a drell. In one episode, according to Haseriuldir, he tries to demoralise Narrow by pointing out all the bad things that had happened as a consequence to the pair's adventures, and how they were no better than him. This depressed Narrow, until Straight spent the last third of the episode pointing out all the good they had done, and noting that if Aldriac were to grade morality the tables could be turned on Aldriac and all the terrible things he had done (plus all of the good things he could have done but didn't). Haseri does note that it was a clip show episode.


Haseri has also mentioned a film interpretation of Straight and Narrow, where the pair have been aged up and turned into a pair of lovers who are assassins for hire "or something along those lines". Haseri recommends the film be avoided.

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