Hunting drone color by vanishin-d33ms4w-1-

Drone variant shown.

"Lean, mean and stings like a [expletive redacted]." - anonymous Stingray pilot

Morvag Industries' primary contribution to the Triarius-Class project. Originally conceived and fielded as a drone ship this tiny and highly maneuverable craft was designed to protect the Triarius from fighter attacks. Despite its small size it houses a large than usual E0 core for its size to allow for maximum maneuverability while limiting the G-forces the internal systems or in later versions the pilot had to endure to an acceptable level. They are armed with ME auto-cannons and a limited amount of fire-and-forget missiles. Simulations have revealed heat issues in long battles due to its small surface.

Field tests have shown that a sentient pilot was able to surpass VI control, using and abusing the agile interceptor in previously unthought ways, scoring a triple standard deviation above the VI controlled interceptors. Thus more and more VI-controlled Stingrays are retrofit for pilot use recently.

Role: Intercepting incoming fighters, atmospheric air-superiority fighter.

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