Stickmatch is a combat sport popular throughout the Turian Hierarchy, and involves a series of narrow, circular platforms arranged in a circle around a double-width central platform. In league play the central platform is 1 meter in diameter, while there are six peripheral platforms at 0.5m. Combatants have their choice of weapon, with the most common being a 1.5m polearm featuring a heavy club on either end (the 'switch'), and the objective is to be the last one standing. The game is well-regarded for the lessons it imparts regarding discipline and situational awareness versus outright aggression.

Despite its overwhelming popularity with turians, Stickmatch is actually volus in origin, having been quickly adopted by the turians after first contact. The game is still played in an older form on Irune and volus colony worlds, the primary difference being in the regulation measurements and the use of time limits. When discussing the game, fans will typically refer to either ‘Volus League’ or ‘Turian League’ to distinguish the two primary forms, though there are multiple leagues playing each. Volus League Stickmatch tends to be faster-paced and more aggressive due to their platforms being closer together and the imposed time limits, while Turian League is widely regarded as more tactical and cautious.

In Citadel Space, the sport is primarily managed by the Interstellar Stickmatch Association (formerly the Hierarchy Stickmatch Championship League), which arranges broadcast rights for championship teams from each individual registered world. Turians form the majority of participants by far, though the sport has smaller fanbases among both the asari and the salarians and variants have evolved over the centuries. Asari League in particular features heavy use of biotics, which are strictly banned in other Leagues and in the Association tournaments as a whole; as a result, asari teams tend to place poorly in interstellar matches regardless of their performance at home and there is limited overlap between the two.

Stickmatch has gained limited traction on batarian worlds, given the already substantial number of cultural combat sports present. A small Batarian League has formed since the Reaper War, with one of the club ends of the switch being replaced by the combatant's choice of either an edged blade or an electroshock tip, but the potentially harmful nature of the change makes inter-league matches unlikely. Krogan as a whole have displayed no interest in the game, while drell generally compete in the Turian League and have produced several champions despite making up an infinitesimal proportion of total players.

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