Stezenyn's Blasto costume

Stezenyn was a hanar living on the Zakera Ward of the Citadel.

When he first arrived on the Citadel, he began his career as a merchant. However, as of the Reaper Wars, his establishment had shut down and he now made a living as a musician.


He is known for always being seen wearing a hat of some sort.

Threads of Note

Not Quite Setting Up Shop: Business on the Presidium, and meeting Jovina Sethtak.

Reports From The Hanar Road Trip: Stezenyn, Haseriuldir, Aran'gar, and Aeseri have travelled from the Citadel to Kahje for First Cresting Bloom.

Inspiration on Memory Lane: Meeting WavesHaveBroken (Laykalar) and Flash of Light.