An XL-82 class vessel

The Stardust was a human XL-82 class sleeper ship. Part of a multi-nation unity exploration effort in the 2070s, the Stardust, like all XL-82s, was designed to explore the outer fringes of Sol, which at that time was considered "deep space" exploration.

The Stardust itself never made it to its destination. Instead, all crew members were killed when a hull breach caused its systems to fail. Following the breach, the Stardust continued to drift through the Sol system, until it was discovered in 2186 CE by a mining survey crew.

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The Stardust was reported in the Cerberus Daily News update Survey crew discovers sleeper ship

Out-of-character notes

The page image for the Stardust is from the BBC series Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets, depicting the fictional explorer ship Pegasus.

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