The Star of Athame is an asari deep space exploration vessel, once presumed lost. In 2187 CE she reappeared on the edge of asari space, having spent the intervening three centuries continuing her mission in spite of the loss of contact. The ship now holds the record for the longest period of time an exploration vessel has spent out of contact before subsequently returning safely.

The Star of Athame was launched in 1863 CE, commanded by Captain Lir Sindi, with Doctor Askessa T'Vell leading her scientific mission. The ship entered the Mankina Cluster, an unexplored region beyond the opened relay network dotted with an unusual density of radio stars, making long-rance surveys difficult. All contact with the Star was lost three years into the mission; after a subsequent 50 years of silence, the ship was formally declared missing in action.

In 2187, an unidentified signal was intercepted by a long-range reconnaisance outpost on the edge of asari space, which on closer analysis proved to be originating from an inbound vessel. Once a connection was established, the following message was received:

Asari ship Star of Athame requesting permission to approach. Crew and ship is safe, mission accomplished. Signed: Captain Sindi, followed by the ship’s registration code.

The vessel was subsequently directed by asari Space Patrol to a secure facility, suitable for quarantine and psychological treatment for the crew, including full briefings from Matriarch historians to help the crew adjust to the monumental events in recent galactic history that, it transpired, had not reached the vessel within the Mankina Cluster. Declassified reports released to the public include a partial record of the ship's historic mission, which included the mapping of 196 star systems, and exploration of 122 planetary surfaces, including 34 garden worlds, three of which bearing evidence of past occupation by sentient life; the vessel also recovered a 35,000-year-old space probe of unknown origin. Nine crew members were lost during the epic voyage, and three of the vessel's current complement were born after her departure.

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