Stylized art of Ferem Baccath with a few refugees from the Dwickfall event. The squirrels are now living safely in Dr. Jacob Angelaus' garden on Earth. Ferem lives a little more dangerously. (Art by Armax_Hammer).

A family of rodents native to Earth.

As a result of escalating prank wars on CDN, Cerastes arranged for One Dwickast Tower, located in old Nos Astra, to be overrun by squirrels. Multiple species were present, and hundreds of the rodents escaped into the surrounding city. There, enough managed to survive and reproduce that squirrels rapidly became considered a highly visible invasive pest, not only in the vicinity of Dwick Dwickcast Syndykyt but in neighbouring New Nos Astra.

This may not be the first time Cerastes has pulled this one, if these posts are any indication.


After the initial episode with the squirrels, threads set on Illium often made casual reference to their ubiquitous presence; the furry invaders even had a notable role in the Battle of Nos Dwicka during the 2015 Christmas event.