The Solar Flare is the best friend of binge drinkers and showoffs everywhere. Generally ordered by human or turian patrons.


The Solar Flare has a distinctive 'halo' or 'glow' because of the unique properties of the bacteria used to ferment the base grain, fruit, or vegetable. It is this unusual bacteria that gives the drink its name, rather than whatever plant material is used as the base, for that reason there are many varieties.

Alcohol Content:

Known for a kick like a mule, it's general bartender wisdom to cut someone off after around three - sooner, if that's not all they've been drinking. Basically it gets you really smashed really fast. If somebody is drinking this, they're looking to get drunk.


  • Earned the derisive nickname "The Glowstick" from krogan bargoers, since it has a significantly lower alchohol content than their usual fare.