Snrr'chk, in a rare moment outside of "pre-adaptation." Image by Cerastes.

Username: Rows-of-Teeth
Species: Vorcha
Age: Unknown (Likely <10)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Occupation: First Canine
Location: MSV Azure Wheelbarrow
Marital Status: Sterilized
Eye color: Red
Height: 5'4"
Build: Compact, muscular, covered in mutilated scars.
Affiliations: Circle of Fangs, The Band

Snrr'Chk, known as Rows-of-Teeth on the Cerberus Daily News Forums (and Rose to certain colleagues is a violent, biotic vorcha of considerable power currently under the employ of Shirin Vedral. A member of a cult known as the Circle of Fangs (itself an offshoot of the krogan/vorcha mercenary group known as the Blood Pack), Snrr'chk is thoroughly convinced of his species' innate superiority to all others, but the Circle's confusingly eugenicist doctrine has instilled in him a contrarian "noblesse oblige" mentality. As such, he has afforded himself into the care of Jil'korah vas Azure Wheelbarrow, serving the quarian in a contract that (to the uninitiated) resembles slavery.

A biotic by nature, Snrr'chk typically eschews firepower in favor of extremely short-range close-quarters combat, using any number of death-defying maneuvers to gain the upper hand against his enemies. Utilizing the his uncanny regenerative abilities, the vorcha has been likened to a "compact super-ball of death," flitting crazily from target to target at a speed not easily tracked with the average firearm.

Snrr'chk's involvement with The Band has demonstrated a grotesque hobby of self-mutilation, exploiting his species' stunning adaptation to foreign environments using tech supplied by the Circle weeks in advance to "condition" himself for unusual combat situations. Such situations have included the development of foot-long, razor-sharp claws, a biological "heat shield" for torturous, high-temperature combat, and in one particular instance, the use of a "fleshkite" for the use of surviving a HALO jump without the use of parachutes or other gear. Thus, whenever given the situation, Snrr'chk can almost always be counted on to find the most "metal" way of answering a challenge.

When not in a battle frenzy or "adapting" for an impending job, Snrr'chk is oddly fastidious about his looks for a vorcha, ensuring that all teeth, spines and facial features are as symmetrical as possible (often resorting to a knife to prune the offending features). His preferred dress is that of a First Canine - a sweeping black leather trench coat with a high vicar's collar, decorated with a necklace of those teeth that do not conform to the order in his mouth.

Vorcha are not imaginative fashion designers.


Art by Armax_Hammer


Supposedly, he has earned the Vratsnak Certificiate of Advanced Vorcha Ettiquite.

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