Skeleton with magic sword


Skeleton With Magic Sword is a memetic image originating from the Cerberus Daily News forums, but present in a variety of other extranet venues. It depicts, as the title suggests, a skeleton with a magic sword. Generally it is captioned in a way that invokes pretentiousness, value of style over combat skill, 'extranet tough guy' behavior, or wasting of company resources on personal time.

Since its original appearance, Skeleton With Magic Sword has seen reasonably widespread use on extranet forums. It peaked at rank #24 on image macro search trends the week after it went viral, between Obvious Statement Elcor and Astonished Eightball, and continues to appear during extranet threats or, strangely, discussions of Cerberus.

Notable Threads

The Great Cerberus Meme-Off: An entire closet of skeletons.

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