"Skald fish, while pleasing to the ocular receptors, are a blight upon the seas and are even too gamey to be a useful food crop." - Aran'gar.

Skald Fish are a spined fish native to the lakes of Illium.

Although they have a demanding feeding schedule, Skald Fish are popular pets, and are widely available, including on the Citadel. The exporting of Skald Fish has, however, had detrimental effects on several worlds, where they have decimated native aquatic food sources in fresh water environments after being released by their former owners. Eden Prime has launched a major project to restore the ecosystem of one of the settlement's major lakes following a Skald Fish release, and several waterways on Earth are reportedly suffering infestations. Several Systems Alliance worlds enacted restrictions on the importing of Skald Fish in response.

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The Skald Fish problem was reported in the Cerberus Daily News update "Alliance worlds to enact Skald Fish restrictions".