Silona is a provincial turian colony, primarily based on agricultural industries.

Having been settled roughly two centuries ago, Silona still has a relatively small population, and is often regarded as a "backwoods" world, with portions of its administration such as taxation and export management still handled off-world. Immigration is controlled based on the availability of developed arable land; despite its size, Silona's agricultural industry produces a significant surplus for export.

Silona is pretty much a direct-line colony from Palaven, and the running joke is that their simple tattoo design was just taking the Palaven design and dropping it lower onto the mandibles, as a way to show the planet's lower status and the "working" nature of the colony.

The Silonan language is still very close to that of Palaven Standard.


Flora includes fields of blooming campstris.


Harrad 01 (Harrad Illum)


Happy Christmas From Silona: Harrad reports in from holiday on the homeworld.