Sicaria Perihelion is a turian separatist from the planet of Solregit. Her clan is the Sundowner clan and other members of the clan on the boards include Martello Hasta (her nephew and hearth-son) and Vindi Detticia (her cousin). She is currently in a relationship with Keros, a soldier from the Turian Hierarchy. Sicaria is extremely loyal to family members, a skilled fighter, and an ardent opponent of the Turian Hierarchy. However, her views do not prevent her from forming close relationships with loyal Hierarchy turians, as her boyfriend Keros and close friend Harrad Illum attest to.

All Sicaria wanted out of life, essentially, was a farm, a whole bunch of kids, and reasonable assurance that the government would leave her alone.

Threads of Note

Loose Ends: Sicaria's life in the swamps of Taetrus is interrupted by a Hierarchy special ops soldier named Keros Mehedra.

Building Bridges: Sicaria and Keros maybe kind of sort of like each other when they aren't pondering the best methods to kill each other.

Irony in Release: Keros gets out of jail. Certain events are inevitable.

The Paths We Take: Sets the tone for her relationship with Harrad.

Writ in Blood: Sicaria asks Neil to witness her holy oath to make Harrad and Vox her kinfolk.

Ghost Stories and Landscapes: Harrad and Voxil travel to Sicaria's homeworld to meet Sicaria's kinfolk and their chieftain, Louki Fidele.

Raise A Glass: Sicaria finds a pub.

Respite Harder: Meeting with other CDN regulars, in a lengthy conversation thread.

I Was There Just Last Night: A chance meeting between nemeses; Sicaria and Lepantis Corvax try to come to an understanding and end up more polarized than ever before.

The Country of Our Defeat: Sicaria and Keros try to figure out what Harrad and Voxil's discoveries mean for them long-term.

Going To The Well: Sicaria rolls the dice one time too many.

Miss Me?: The good die young; the miserable old rat-bags live forever.

Last Will and Testament: Preparing for a likely suicide mission.


Prodigal Daughters: Harrad and Sicaria at one of the new turian nurturing centres (Harrad finds out she's alive).

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