A post-Reaper War mining project in the Apien Crest. Named after a turian spirit of the underground and precious metals, Siatex was the product of the mutual cooperation of over half a dozen turian, krogan, Terminus, and human interests. They counted among their members such notables as the now resurgent United Mining Concord, currently based out of Luna, the extra-Citadel Space Legiatis Group, as well as detachments from the Hierarchy Corps of Engineers and Clan Urdnot. Heavily subsidized by the participating governments and supplied with manpower and equipment from all involved, Siatex’s stated primary goal was to “provide a steady flow of material to a galaxy starved of crucial resources”. To this end, the project embarked on a massive campaign of high intensity planetary and asteroid mining; deploying small fleets of ships and drones, multiple mobile industrial platforms, and thousands of sapients across eight (now nine) star systems.

Despite highly promising mineral yields, the project became rapidly controversial. As Matriarch Baheris D’Mula, the primary critic of the project, stated,

“Taking into account the past three and six upcoming sites: two are located deep within the Terminus, three are habitable worlds that were intended at one point for colonization and, in the case of Varun II, actually colonized prior to being devastated by the Reapers, and one is a full fledged garden world. The practices used by Siatex on uninhabited planetoids are devastating to the body in question; the ecological damage when these very same ‘high intensity’ techniques are turned on valuable, inhabitable worlds will be immense and likely irreversible bar large scale intervention. These are precious resources to be preserved and cultivated, not tossed to the tender mercies of this project.”

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