A major nation or extended clan of vorcha, living on Heshtok's largest continent. They gained favour among vorcha during the Reaper War, mostly for the Battle of Upfwen Valley, in which several hundred thousand vorcha attacked a Reaper Destroyer, knocking it onto its side while sustaining 80% casualties. Rapid breeding has since replenished the clan's numbers, and they are recognized as one of the most powerful packs on Heshtok.

A couple of years after the war, Ferok, current Big High Boss of the Shru'ii, made a statement before an assembled mass of local vorcha and a stranded offworld reporter. In the twenty-minute announcement, punctuated by several brawls to reassert his dominance, Ferok spoke on such topics as the supremacy of vorcha adaptability, the foolishness of the Reapers, and the assertion that his political opponent Doshk was "a shit".

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