A star cluster in the Terminus Systems. Over half of the exploitable systems here have been claimed by volus interests, while native species include the vorcha.

On the post-Reaper War relay network, the Shrike Abyssal connects to the Nemean Abyss and the Hourglass Nebula.

The halvat run is a very dangerous smuggling route through the Shrike Abyssal full of stellar debris of supernova remnants, ion clouds and other stellar and interstellar hazards.


  • Kyzil System: Naskral, Heshtok, Parasc, Lihrat, Rustaka.
  • Thal System: Garan, Sarait, Altakiril, Tyrix, Xerceo, Virits.
  • Urla Rast System: Bovis Tor, Talis Fia, Doz Atab.
  • Xe Cha System: Zada Ban, Aphras, Tosal Nym, Vem Osca.

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