A star cluster in the Terminus Systems. Over half of the exploitable systems here have been claimed by volus interests, while native species include the vorcha.

On the post-Reaper War relay network, the Shrike Abyssal connects to the Nemean Abyss and the Hourglass Nebula.


The halvat run is a very dangerous smuggling route through the Shrike Abyssal full of stellar debris of supernova remnants, ion clouds and other stellar and interstellar hazards.

The Sadarung Floodgate Relay is the primary bridge between the Shrike Abyssal and the Greater Abyss Transversal.

Dolo Station is located here.


  • Kyzil System: Naskral, Heshtok, Parasc, Lihrat, Rustaka.
  • Thal System: Garan, Sarait, Altakiril, Tyrix, Xerceo, Virits.
  • Urla Rast System: Bovis Tor, Talis Fia, Doz Atab.
  • Xe Cha System: Zada Ban, Aphras, Tosal Nym, Vem Osca.

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