Shirin Vedral
Username: epiphany
Species: Drell.
Age: Approximately 31 years old.
Date of Birth: Unknown.
Occupation: Unknown.
Location: Unknown.
Marital Status: Dating Cerastes.
Eye color: Lime green.
Height: 5'9".
Build: Sleek and well-toned, like a sports car.
Affiliations: The Band, Revenant Corporation.

Shirin Vedral is a 31-year-old, emerald-scaled Orozvhadi drell who once ran the Band. Little to nothing is known about her early life, aside from rumors - and those, of course, are never to be trusted.

The public at large once knew Shirin as Epiphany Krayl, one of the galaxy's most famous drell fashion designers (a title she regards with some bemusement, given how few of them there are), but her couture house and husband were taken from her in a violent attack two years after she started designing professionally. Following the attack, she virtually disappeared from the public eye, her last statement to the press confirming that she would never design again. A year and a half has passed since then without a word.

Few people know what Shirin is up to these days, although she's certainly making money somehow - and still occasionally associates with several members of the Band.

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