The Sharad class interceptor is a batarian-made anti-fighter support craft.

The Sharad was made to keep frigates that were running high on heat, or who simply couldn't defend themselves against the volume of incoming projectiles, from being taken down by the missiles and opportunistic fighters that characterised Nova and Tar'Far Cascade cluster warfare in the 2050s. Though lightly armored, the Sharad sports a pair of powerful, if small, mass accelerators, and a pair of miniature GARDIAN lasers, used to cut apart fighters, shuttles and missiles that threaten their parent craft's formation. The extended back of the Sharad houses a truly enormous heatsink and radiator system, increasing the amount of time the large interceptor can stay in the field immensely. Sharads are also occasionally used as in-atmosphere air support, but they are not especially adept at this role.

A Thar'Van Class Assault Frigate carries seven.

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