Highfield, planetary capital of Serifia

Serifia is a Terminus colony world, notable for its manufacturing sector and its influential position in intersystem trade in the Terminus Systems.

Originally founded by unaligned settlers as a way-station nearly 1,000 years ago, the colony had little importance until 300 years later, when it was effectively bought out by a coalition of turian and asari corporate interests, who sought to transform the small settlement into a major trading hub. Although Serifia's economy and population expanded significantly, flaws in the initial infrastructure investment plan prevented it from reaching its desired potential, and the withdrawal of disappointed early investment blocs caused a slowing of growth. Although various programmes were proposed to reinvigorate the colony and achieve its potential, governing bodies proved vulnerable to graft and corruption from various economic interests focused on short-term gains, and little headway was made. The founding of Illium effectively settled the matter, with its founders' focused economic policies securing an unassailable position as the region's prime mercantile centre.

Nonetheless - and despite a certain lingerine reputation as a "failed venture" - Serifia remains a power in Terminus trade, and provides well for its citizens. Although a degree of corruption persists, both government and corporate sectors are stable enough to protect Serifia from the economic and social woes suffered by many Terminus colonies, and it maintains a favourable balance of trade based on a steady, reliable heavy manufacturing sector. The colony is also widely known throughout the Terminus as the home base of the freelance hospital ship Eunoia.

Out-of-character Notes

The page image is "Cityscape" by Marco Bauriedel.

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