Duration: 1847-1850

Combatants: Joseo, Velka and Yuke

Left embittered by their defeat against the Yukes in the First Tangealian War, Joseo had plotted their revenge for decades. In the year 1847 CE, the Federation of Joseo finally executed their plans and launched a surprise attack against the Federation of Yuke. The attack took Yuke defenders by surprise and managed to pass over Overlord's Fall (then Second Aralakh) with ease, surging forward into Yukes' core territories.

However, Joseo's focus against Yuke had left them open to a flanking move. Humbled by their loss at Sheshisimal few decades earlier, Velkans drafted and executed an attack on Joseo holdings in Semenole, opening a second front. Suddenly finding themselves fighting a war on two distant fronts, Joseo's initial offensive against krogan forces was neutered as forces were diverted to defend Semenole.

The Joseo campaign came to an end after Yuke defenders decimated attack fleets at an unnamed frontier system with cleverly laid traps using asteroids. The Joseo-Yuke front collapsed as a result, forcing Joseoans onto the defensive. In recognition of the successful military plan, Yuke leadership named the star system Death's Head, writing down another military victory onto the star map for future generations to come. With the assault against the Yukes lost, Joseo refocused efforts onto the Velkan front and forced them off Semenole. Exhausted by the war, the Big Three met on Relay Point and agreed to a peace to end the Second Tangealian War in 1850 CE. Negotiating parties also agreed to make Relay Point into a permanently neutral ground for future negotiations out of convenience and to secure Albhon relay from combat.

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