Sanjin Challos (also known by her extranet handle, "SkyEye") was a drell Air Traffic Controller, killed when Cerberus attacked the Citadel.

Forced to build a life independent of the Compact, she had a somewhat ambigious relationship with the insitution, and with her upbringing on Kahje.

She was married to Rabbas Bar and was the legal guardian of Kayana Pesh.


"I went to a mixed species school, did alright. On my first day I got into a "I can-do-anything-you-can-do" fight with a hanar, and they had to fish me out of the pool, so there was a little tension."


The given name Sanjin is a shortened version of 'San Jero'. It translates as "Beautiful Memory" or "Prosperous Memories", and it's a fairly common meaning for drell names. The real story behind it in this case is that it's an old family name. Her many-greats grandmother was named "Sanjero", and it was she who decided to get the family off of Rakhana. "Since it's 300 years past the statue of limitations - she falsified many, many papers, and passed off her sibling's children as her own so they'd be guaranteed a place."

Threads of Note

Back to the Citadel (Immigration Advice): With a young teenager in tow and some bad memories, Sanjin returns to the Citadel. Albert Lowell believes he can help.

Home Sweet Home: Lowell invites the drell family over as they get settled in on the Citadel.

More Parental Woe: Sanjin looks for help handling Kayana's behaviour, specifically, her fighting with hanar. This is the first appearance of a future boyfriend.

En Bonne Santé: Meeting with Orlindo the baking hanar.

Emergency: Missing Child: During the GWO Crisis on the Citadel (see: Who Goes There?), Kayana was infected with a parasite. While it alleviated the worst of her depression, she eventually degenerated into paranoia, running away from home.

Drell Are Very Smooth: Sanjin and the family attend a get-together for Citadel drell, hosted by Fadil Mahd.

It's Been A Year And I'm Not Dead!: A Keprals diagnosis can't keep her down.

Family Loyalty: At Sniper's Touch.

Fail to Plan: Sanjin and Harrad, and families, meet up.

Boxing Day Arrival: New baby!

Mothers Meet: Sanjin meets with Reena Tayn (Asharia T'Saeri). Two mothers with their infants.

Reaper War

Please Do Not Travel Unnecessarily: With the Systems Alliance under attack, the Citadel can't handle the refugee traffic.

She Died: CDN learns that Sanjin didn't survive the Cerberus coup.

Message From Harrad: Harrad sends Kayana a note after hearing the news. The reply.