Salarianime (salarian anime) is a genre of salarian entertainment. The term originally denoted a similarity to human anime, but the current generation of salarian audiences, and many creators, were born following the term's introduction, and do not attach any particular human influence to it in contemporary works. This has led to it being retroactively applied to much salarian animation predating human contact as well.

Notable works

  • Death Omni: About a turian who finds a special Omnitool; when he puts someone’s name into it while thinking of their face, they die. He decides to use it in order to purge the galaxy of criminals by killing them all, and starts getting investigated by C-Sec. His rival is a mysterious salarian detective known only as M.
  • Macrotech: An ambitious saga of connected works, and one of the standards against which character-driven galactic adventure stories are judged. Fans are frequently at odds with those of Relay Blazers over which is superior, although a third faction values both.
  • Mie Superstar: Based on asari sports star Mie Lakunis.
  • Pretty Dalatrass Girl: There is a peppy krogan in it. Little else need be said.
  • Radon Exodus: Depressing, bleak, symbolic for the sake of being symbolic (thereby defeating much of the purpose of symbolism), but memorable for subverting a genre. Casual viewers are often mystified.
  • Relay Blazers: One of the genre's early examples, and among the first to consciously employ cross-species animation tropes and traditions. Typically seen in the present day as simplistic in its storytelling, although respected nonetheless by genre fans.
  • Source Willbreaker
  • Universe Breaking Lotus Face