I have served as her captain, in both peace and war. We haven't always had an easy time of it. Keeps things interesting that way.

-Captain Olivier Primeauxass.

A Hastings-class Frigate.

The Hastings-class is a mainstay of the Systems Alliance Navy due to its durability, proven reliability and a decent bite with a trio of two hundred and fifty metre mass accelerators and a sizeable bay of torpedoes. Its competitive GARDIAN batteries, powerful engines and powerful sensor suite have allowed it to be a staple in the detection and interception of pirates.

Captain Primeaux has served as the CO of the Yorktown since she first pulled out of drydock. Since then, she's been involved in rescue operations, intercepting hostile forces, and the escort of civilian ships. During the war with the Reapers, she was severely damaged whilst engaging a Destroyer during Sword Fleet's engagement with Reaper forces over Earth. While the damage has been repaired, some superficial scarring remains, a sober reminder of how the difference between victory and defeat can be as thin as a knife's edge.