The SSV Jerusalem is a cruiser in the Systems Alliance Eighth Fleet. It is named for the city of Jerusalem, Israel on Earth.


The Jerusalem first saw action in the Reaper War at the Battle of Tungen. It suffered a single hit from a Reaper laser during a failed attempt to rescue survivors from the SSV Austerlitz. Three crew were killed, including the ship's ATO, Lieutenant Mayhew. The ship withdrew from Tungen along with the rest of the Eighth Fleet, only to be ambushed by Reapers at Ontarom.


  • Commanding Officer: Captain Rawati
  • Executive Officer: Commander Henrietta Stone
  • Helmsman: 1st Lieutenant Elizabeth "Claymore" MacDonnell
  • Tactical Officer: Staff Lieutenant Sovann Nguyen
  • Assistant Tactical Officer: 2nd Lieutenant Devora Brukhis