SSV Auckland
Class: Dresden class heavy cruiser
Length: 707 m
Powerplant: Drive core from SSV Elbrus
Armament: 2 540m mass accelerator spinal cannons
  • 2 480m mass accelerators
  • 46 45m broadside cannons
Crew: 100-200 Naval personnel
  • 100 Alliance Marines
Role: Warship
Commissioned: 2187
Affiliation: Systems Alliance
Owners Systems Alliance
Fleet: Alliance Fifth Fleet, 1st Salvage Flotilla
Captains: LTCDR John Wagstaff

The Systems Alliance cruiser SSV Auckland is commanded by Lieutenant Commander John Wagstaff. One of the first ships finished after the Reaper War, it has not yet seen combat. It is named for the city of Auckland, New Zealand, on Earth, and is the second Alliance ship to carry this name.


The hull that eventually became the Auckland began construction in 2185, and was externally complete by the time of the Reaper invasion of 2186. However, due to the invasion, the hull was never finished. It was in Earth orbit until the end of the war.

Postwar, construction resumed, with Alliance personnel being assisted by Quarians and Geth, who were stranded following the destruction of the relay network. Five weeks after the end of the war, the Auckland was officially launched, with the shakedown voyage taking it to several of the closest systems in the Local Cluster, namely Alpha Centauri and Epsilon Eridani.

With the reconstruction of the Sol relay, as well as that of the Trebia, Parnitha, and Aralakh relays, among others, the Auckland set out for her first cruise, which took it to Palaven , then Tuchanka , before heading back to Earth.

In 2189, as part of a "diplomatic" voyage, the ship made local headlines when it drydocked in Armali, on Thessia , and again on Illium , due to the fact that Alliance cruisers are not capable of entering the atmosphere of medium gravity worlds.


  • When the Auckland was being finished after the war, it was fitted with the Eezo drive core from the destroyed dreadnought SSV Elbrus, with the core being slightly larger than is normally fitted to a cruiser.The larger core allows it to not only land on medium gravity planets, but also fire it's main guns faster than other cruisers, due to more power being available.
  • Due to it's slightly larger core, the Kinetic barriers are slightly stronger than those of other cruisers, but due to the core's optimization for atmospheric entry and escape, are not considerably stronger than normal.

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