Plural: Rotikui

A reptile found all across Palaven, it is fairly common in all areas where it's possible to burrow, including major cities.


In the wild the Rotikus average between 15 and 20 inches long and five inches wide. The entire body is covered in scales which can reach about an inch in width and a millimeter in thickness. They hug the ground on four stubby legs, with feet of six digits ending in sturdy burrowing claws. Heads are typically wedge-shaped, with two deep-set multifaceted eyes. The tail is about equal in length to the abdomen, with slightly raised ridges on the scales that aid in digging as well as fighting.

Their sense of sight is primitive at best, only allowing them to perceive movement. They have some difficulty in low contrast environments if all other methods of perception are removed.


In captivity the species is moderately popular as a companion animal, showing a surprising capacity for affection and intelligence. They tend to bond to only one person, but can be trained to tolerate others with extensive socialization. It is not advisable to leave them alone with small children.

Reproduction/Nest Construction:

In the wild eggs are incubated in underground burrows. These breeding dens usually comprise two small chambers connected by a tunnel, which allows the parents to move the clutch closer to the surface at night and below the ‘fatal zone’ during the day. If the parents fail to move the eggs at the appropriate time, the embryos will die from overheating or cooling in a matter of hours.

Because of the specific breeding requirements, sterilization is not an importation prerequisite for Rotikui except on a few compatible planets.


  • Rotikui do not have the varren's widespread popularity, but the difference between them is roughly similar between the difference between earth cat and dog owners.
  • (OOC: Inspired by the Golden Armadillo Lizard.)