Rivergirls are a mythical creature found in the folklore of the Attena region of Thessia, dating back to the tribal era. They are generally considered a local form of Nemyx, water-dwelling creatures present in a widespread range of myths.

According to legend, rivergirls are small creatures roughly analagous to the 'fairies' of western Earth cultures, their natural form being that of miniature asari. They are most often invisible to mortals, but can be glimpsed in the reflections of sunlight off bodies of water, as they are said to bathe in the light. At times they will deliberately make themselves known, in which case the reflections will appear to an observer to move on their own, independent of the motion of the water.

Rivergirls are reputed to be playful and mildly mischievous, although never malevolent. They favour children, to whom they are more likely to appear, and are said to ward off misfortune from any child swimming in their waters, a legend probably derived from the generally safe and mild conditions in Attena's many waterways. For an adult to see a rivergirl is regarded as a sign of wisdom - a common factor in many local myths being that the maturity of adulthood must be tempered by retaining some of the innocence of childhood.

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