Operative [Redacted] (Also known as RememberTheBlitz, RTB, or [R]) is a high-level Cerberus defector who frequents CDN. Very little is know about RTB due to his heavy use of redaction VIs. He is known to have been a member of the O7 program, and to have fought on Torfan with Pharos before the pair joined Cerberus. It is possible he was involved in Pharos' recruitment. During his time with Cerberus, he was involved in a variety of operations, including espionage, paramilitary actions, and experimental cleanup.

In early 2186, Operative [Redacted] faked his own death and defected from Cerberus after coming to the realization that the organization did not have humanity's best interests at heart. He reappeared shortly after the Reapers attacked Earth. Unlike many other defectors, he chose not to rejoin the Alliance, and began planning independent operations against his former employers.

After the war ended, he set up [Redacted] Security Consultants on Noveria, while privately beginning to build a new covert, pro-human organization.


Evaluation: RTB and colleagues talk to Pharos about his orphanage bombing problem.

An Inspector Calls: RTB attempts a preventative anti-husk operation.

Alas, Poor Yorick: RTB informs Cerberus about his plans to retire.

During the War

I'm flattered, really...: RTB comes out of retirement.

Two Redacteds walk into a bar: RTB and former colleagues have a disagreement in a Noverian bar.

Citadel's Finest [Chocolate.]: RTB and former colleagues have a disagreement in an Aroch Ward chocolate shop.

Patience: RTB and new colleagues have a very slow disagreement with former colleagues while searching for a hidden shipyard.

The Battle of Veratix Station: RTB, colleagues, and a variety of Terminus scum have a large disagreement with a particularly obnoxious former colleague.

Return: RTB and colleagues rescue Pharos's lady friend from an underwater Cerberus base. Disagreements are had.

The Noveria Years

Aftermath: RTB avoids the chaos of post-relay Noveria by listening to reports on his newly captured shipyard.

The Phoenix and the Snake: RTB shows Pharos his new facilities.

New Years Party: RTB shows up uninvited at a Shin-Akiba New Years Party.

Humanity's Shield: RTB and Sarah Thompson have a discussion about Cerberus's legacy.

[Scorched Earth: Making a deal with Mekan on Erszbat.

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