A settlement in the Kite's Nest, founded post-Reaper War by survivors of Khar'shan. The capital complex is Pillar of Testament.

A year after its founding, the colony erupted into unrest over the issue of a local vorcha placed on trial on a charge of murder.

Geminin Hoshoon, leader of protest group Righteous Vision, summarized his faction's position on the trial of Golshru:

"Under the Colony's charter, vorcha do not fall under the category of sapient being. They are listed as Fhry'goann - having the characteristics of sapience, like rudimentary language construction and capable tool use - without the neurological or spiritual reality. To then charge a vorcha with a crime makes a mockery of our founding documents. Would you try a fwan or a varren for murder? The vorcha was doing what came naturally; it should be caged, relocated, or perhaps destroyed, not dressed up in a courtroom and charged with violating a legal system it is not itself legally recognized by!”

The family of victim Go'jirik Gesh'graa, however, insisted that Golshru face the penalty of law for its killing and subsequent partial consumption of their kinsman.

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