Also known as "Ruby" or "Tayisan." She posted on CDN as RedGem in the past and now used the screen name Tayisan.


A human that was born in raised in the Hegemony, Tayunji is a very unique case. Unlike most in her position, Tayunji was raised by a family that considered her part of the family and treated her as such. Because of this, she lived a fairly happy life on Camala.

Sadly, this happiness would not last. The tragedy at Bahak caused a lot of anti-human sentiment in the Hegemony, and many of her neighbors wanted to see her dead. However, a agent of State Security got there first , and took her into custody.

Surprisingly, this was not an arrest. Tayunji was offered a job, in exchange for getting safely out of the Hegemony, and presumabally not getting arrested for real also, Tayunji would be this agent's contact in C-Space, and work as a spy for the Hegemony.

Tayunji agreed, and after some training, she contacted Vohkaidin Knox , a former slave who had shown sympathy for her, as well as a desire to aid her, and pretended to be with an abolitonist group, and in need of help in getting to a safe place once she was out of the Hegemony. Vohkaidin agreed to bring her to the Citadel, and picked her up at the pirate station known as The Wreck.

For a time she lived with Vohkaidin and his girlfriend Helena Mathioudakis , while secretly forwarding information she felt was worth something to the Hegemony. During the war with the Reapers, she fell out of contact and has only recently reappeared with no explanation to her whereabouts before. It was not long before she fell off the grid again.

Other Notes

  • Tayunji's name is the word for an uncut ruby in the Camalan dialect of the Batarian language. It ltteraly means "red stone which has hidden value."
  • Because her name is a word, most translators cause people to hear the word for ruby in thier own language when she tells them her name.
  • Tayunji's CDN screename is actually "Tayisan" the word for a cut ruby and an affectionate nickname her family used to use for her, however, due to the above mentioned translator error, most read it's literal translation of "RedGem". She has since managed to fix this error and her name shows up properly on the site.

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