Class Name: Reconciliation

Ship Classification: Frigate

The Reconciliation-class is one of the rare designs that were drafted by an independent turian company (in this case Jartus Shipping and Transport) rather than being a product of the Hierarchy Engineering Crops. Although when presented to the primarchs it lost to the military design, the Reconciliation-class is heralded as a model of heat-efficiency and became a financial success to Jartus, which continues to produce a wide array of variants for corporations and independent colonies. Armed with two spinal cannons and a reliable GARDIAN system its presence can be enough to deter attackers. Its cargo bay can house several shuttles or APC and the ship can be home to a surprisingly large security detail. Today its armour and shields are no longer state of the art so the recent variants have been sacrificing heat-efficiency compared to the standard model in an effort to keep up. However the production lines are flexible enough to deal with different customer demands.

Role: A true multipurpose frigate, good for everything depending on configuration, but excels at convoy escort.

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