The Razor is a relatively new design that was delivered just in time for the Reaper War, the first launched in 2183, shortly before the Battle of the Citadel. Named after Annabelle Razor, a Systems Alliance soldier whose exemplary service in 2176 during the Skyllian Blitz resulted in her receiving the Star of Terra postmortem, this stout hull packs almost as much firepower as a cruiser, but has the maneuverability of a frigate, making its classification as a "destroyer", a powerful but relatively small escort craft, all the more fitting.

Running down most of its spine are a pair of powerful Mass Driver Cannons, capable of accelerating slugs of high-density metals to a significant fraction of the speed of light. Thanks to the dual nature of these powerful mass accelerators, a common tactic among Razor commanders is to slightly stagger the firing sequence of one of the guns, creating a "continuous" barrage as the cannons alternate between firing and reloading. Also located in between the twin spinal cannons are the primary torpedo tubes, capable of launching a variety of missiles at an enemy.

Aiding the Razor are secondary torpedo launchers, a comprehensive and extensive GARDIAN system, and four small hangar bays that can either contain a squadron of fighters to aid the destroyer, or a compliment of shuttles and gunships to assault enemy positions. These options are available thanks to the fact that this 504-meter-long ship can carry not only 230 crew, but a security force of up to 75 Alliance Marines.

The Razor-class Destroyer was instrumental during the opening sections of the Reaper War in ensuring the survivability of the Alliance Navy. Squadrons equipped with these vessels as picket ships were able to hold off enemy incursions more easily, and take the heat away from cruisers, carriers, and other larger ships for the brief moments needed to change the course of many an engagement. Though only a handful of these crucial ships remained once the dust had cleared, they had earned their place within the Systems Alliance Navy, and now, they safeguard the fleets as they slowly regain their strength.

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