A legendary creature in the folklore of one of the nations on Turvess. According to Najhil Holken, ralfaks kidnap children in the night and steal their eyes (so that the children can't see the light of day), tongues (so they can't pray) and feet (so they can't make the journey to the afterlife upon death). Thus trapped in the mortal realm, the souls of these unfortunate children can bring misfortune on other people.

Ralfaks resemble a featherless, emaciated raloi with long, spindly arms ending in very sharp talons. Their legs are made of the interlocked feet of children, all stolen, and their body is covered in stolen eyes, all crying and leaving a trail of tears where the ralfak has passed. Its own eye sockets are empty. Ralfak speak in the childrens' stolen voices, and can sound like a group of playing children in order to lure victims.

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