The raksha plant is a round, starchy tuber originating on Khar'shan which forms one of the staples of many batarian diets. Usually a deep purple in color, the raksha possesses a dull and slightly bitter taste, and is often served mixed with other foods or heavily flavored.

Notorious for their strong and often spicy preferences, batarians have nevertheless spread the cultivation of the raksha to over a dozen worlds, as it is quick to grow and hardy enough to survive most soil conditions. While its nutritional value remains much the same, raksha grown on colony worlds or in poor soil will not usually take on the same purple color as the native Khar'shanian plant, and colonial produce is often considered inferior to that of the homeworld. Some major raksha suppliers have begun adding purple dyes to their processed raksha products, but the desired shade has proven difficult to artificially produce.

Most human and asari health authorities recommend that non-batarians avoid the raksha plant if at all possible, as it can contain bacteria harmful to species not accustomed to them.


Given the mention of a Mekk Raksha as the author of a book enjoyed by Melanar, it appears that Raksha is also an occasional batarian surname; it's unknown if the name is taken from the plant, or if it's coincidental.