Modern-build replica of a wildrider

Rakhana Wildriders were a type of ground motorcycle used on Rakhana by the drell, prior to their exodus to hanar worlds. Manufactured in many variations but sharing core design traits, wildriders were ideal for use on Rakhana's ubiquitous arid plains, able to handle uneven terrain and soft surfaces without sacrificing speed or stability. The most highly-prized examples did this by use of four engines - two for each wheel - and eschewed the computerised control systems of 'lesser' designs, employing entirely mechanical control linkages.

In the dying days of Rakhana, it was reported that many scavenger bands had taken to arming wildriders (often stripped down to single-engine powerplants to save scarce fuel), where their stability allowed them to serve as capable high-speed gun platforms.

Few examples of the design were salvaged, and no models of wildrider are currently in production, nor any functioning bikes listed in the catalogues of any public museums or collections.


  • Eafina Meressus, owner of Illium's Dusk Oasis Escort Agency (and an enthusiast of both motorcycles and drell cultures) obtained scans of documents relating to wildrider construction, and in 2188 undertook the task of constructing a wildrider using the same mechanisms and materials (or nearest possible analogues in some cases) as those used on Rakhana centuries before.

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