Thresher Maw ME2

Radageor is a mythical giant Thresher Maw reputed to live beyond the Sulav Wastes on Tuchanka. In old krogan its name means ‘to devour’.

Usually rumoured to measure over 300 meters long and so large it can swallow a Tomkah whole, the creature is claimed to be the source of numerous unexplained landslides, tremors and building collapses in the area.

Every year dozens of young krogan declare they will hunt and slay Radageor as part of their Rite of Adulthood, and head into the Wastes in search of it. They usually return shame-faced and empty handed some time later, although occasionally some simply vanish, their deaths attributed to the legendary thresher maw.

Many stories persist of groups of youths who managed to find the thresher maw, only for it to prove too much for them.

One such story tells of a group of young krogan undergoing their Rite who eventually found Radageor in the ruins of an old city, only for the thresher to turn and chase them into the remains of an old tower. Believing they were safe, the young krogan watched for days as Radageor circled the building, chewing the earth up in a great circle around the tower as it did so. Eventually the krogan realised - to their horror - that the thresher wasn't circling them; it was in fact undermining the tower! Before they could escape the tower collapsed, burying the youths and allowing Radageor to consume them at its leisure.

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