KRISS V micro Sub Machine Gun by tsukijin-1-

Supplied by Deviant Productions, the Kriss SMG is a widely used personal defense weapon within the NHDF, who favoured it for its small size and adaptability over its competitors.

There are 15 officially variants in production and double the amount of after-market modifications, making this gun a jack of all trades in its category.

Wether you're a technician who doesn't expect to use its lead-spitter or a special operations operator of the NHDF with all kinds of attachments, you will most likely have a Kriss in your hand.

High heat-sink capacity, small, concealable size and a strong punch made this gun a success for Deviant Production who continue to sell and improve the Kriss to this day. Just don't let the small size fool you, its recoil is something to get used to.

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