Most people associate quarians with their environmental suits, for obvious reasons. However, the quarians retain an awareness of their pre-Morning War fashions, and some choose to wear traditional clothing over the suit.


Galarin Trifuinzi: A hood, unfastened, yet 'hardened' to form a rigid form around the sides of one's face/visor.

H'teliran: Extra cloth from a hood, tied to a central fixture, fastened around the back and arms.

Lak'Ratar Veran: Like a cape, but don't let Nalia'Tonbay hear you say that.

N'Merrinz Talriuyins: Two cloths fastened around the thigh regions, overlapping one another, with a distinction from standard 'Talriuyins' in the sense that there are sections of the hip and thigh left uncovered -- either on purpose or due to lack of cloth. A very common article of clothing back on pre-war Rannoch, it doesn't fit well with a modern environmental suit.

Standard Talrin: A hood with a central pendant immediately below the neck.

Uralikn Rayilin: A garment covering the upper trunk of the torso, near the chest region. Common in many nation-states in Southern Rannoch, pre-Morning War.

Vylporin Hashtarik: A tunic-like article of clothing. In modern usage, often covering one's environmental suit.