Role reversal is one of the retrospective articles prepared by CDN members to illustrate the events and changes that occurred during the year following the Reaper War.

Role reversal

Relay openings grants a curious galaxy wide phenomenon as Rannoch braces for an invasion even scarier than Reapers... tourists.

Story by Manalok Targ

With the recent opening of relays to limited and emergency traffic, one subject holding the attention of academic and scientific circles is Rannoch.

"There's a strong push to get traffic normalized to Rannoch by the scientific community at large", noted Sirinic Scaramanji, head of Xenopaleoarchaeology at Fallenon Ferennai University on Sur'Kesh. "The geth literally preserved their culture and architecture at a specific point in time. This kind of precedent is normally reserved for disasters or biological calamity. The rapidity of the exodus meant that many of the social conventions and cultural nuance present at the time are still easy to collect and collate. It is literally a frozen moment in the quarian past, on their birthworld, no less. Consider the implications."

Not all are so eager to welcome the influx of new faces on Rannoch however, as attested to by Captain Fason'Rek of the Solvim. "We've only now come to terms with being a whole people once again and now the citadel is clamoring to allow all these academic types to crawl up our envirosuits. I don't like it. The part they're not talking about is that after they start publishing holos of our home, then come the tourists. Rannoch is about as tourist-ready as Tuchanka is."

In rebuttal, the salarian professor simply said, "There are 10 or so million quarians left, and Rannoch is big, big place. Also, scientist types are rather ludicrously loose with money and grants, are they not? Sounds rather win-win to me. The quarians monitor scientific activity and cultural diversion, and we pay them generously. As for general tourism, that would be up to the future and the policy makers."

At present, the admiralty board has tentatively decided to allow very small groups of scientists to view and record Rannoch's almost-forgotten-by-most wonders, with right of refusal their sole discretion, and some have postulated that this is simply the first step in Rannoch once again joining the galactic community as a whole.

With relay traffic slowly beginning to become a thing of reality, rather than a far off dream, only time will tell if Rannoch once again becomes a stop on the grand tour of the galaxy.

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