A planet and colony of the Turian Hierarchy. Pulan is one of the oldest turian colonies.

The primary tattoo pattern associated with Pulan involves a horizontal line across the centre of the face which branches downward along the mandibles, and upward to wrap the eye in two lines, one tracing on the high cheek plates, the other on the brow ridge. It's supposed to suggest the shape of the early colonizing ships.

A large percentage of the officers (higher tier citizens) within the Hierarchy are from Pulan. Certain humans refer to turian officers as "butterflies" after the Pulanese markings.

Those on the northernmost continent connect the upper brow line to a bunch of criss-crossing strokes along the fringe which represent the landscape.

Planetary Stereotypes

To quote Lepantis Corvax: "When some speak of Pulan they are usually referring to qualities such as refinement, culture, nice accents and sophistication (the rest of us are thinking 'foppy prats who'd faint at the sight of toilet paper less than four-plys thick')"


Jovina Sethtak

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