William Lanning
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Gender Male
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Status Employed by Titan Corporation.
Location Citadel, Tayseri(?) Ward.

William Lanning is a 31 year old R&D officer for Titan Corporation, currently residing on the Citadel. His handle on the old boards was "Dekutulla".



William Lanning was born August 12, 2157, in the megacity of Detroit. His parents having divorced relatively soon after his birth, he spent most of his uneventful childhood with his mother, Titania Lanning, who was a relatively successful attorney. His father, Octavio Leal, re-married and was the CEO and founder of the minor construction firm Aphid Construction.

After graduating from Lakeside High, William was accepted into the Seattle Institute of Technology, where he worked on his Bachelor of Software Engineering degree. After successfully achieving the degree, he moved to Kithoi Ward on the Citadel and obtained a job at Synthetic Insights, where he was employed as a VI Engineer up until the Reaper War, at which point he was laid off.

William was a member of the STG assembled task force to eliminate QoroQ, and took part in both the operation to eliminate the source of the renewed QoroQ infection and the operation to eliminate the Pequod once and for all.

He also took part in Operation: Salvation's Bane, where he assisted in eliminating Koren's defenders and in killing the Juggernaut.

Reaper War

William did very little overall during the Reaper War. After receiving word that his family was most likely dead, he slowly stopped going on outings for any reason, leaving his apartment only to go to work. After being laid off, and barely surviving an attack by Cerberus during the Coup the following day, he hardly left his apartment at all, paying for food deliveries and rent remotely. Eventually, he simply stopped paying rent at all, and was scheduled to be evicted the day the Reapers captured the Citadel. After managing to escape his apartment undetected, he left with a few other survivors to the rendezvous point at the Temple of Athos, where he fought with the other defenders until the opening of the Citadel and the firing of the Crucible.


After a tense interview, William obtained a job at Titan Corporation. Aside from that, nothing of note has occurred.


William is a Caucasian man, about 5'6, with an average build. He is mostly clean shaven, and has brown hair and eyes. He is most often seen wearing a shade of blue.

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