Primordial Soup could be considered more a family of drinks than a single beverage, if it could indeed be considered a beverage at all. There are some that argue it's closer to an alchohol-drenched finger food than an actual drink.


What is generally agreed to be the earliest known instance of the beverage was essentially "a martini with a shit-ton of olives". Some sources claim the name is a reference to an unnamed bar patron who was known to order the 'mixed drink' under this name, and go through whole jars of olives in one night.


Since its conception, Primordial Soup has gained great popularity as a bar food for the patron that just can't stop drinking. Recipes vary according to the species of the patron and the bartender. Indeed, the only thing these drinks share is the presence of high-proof alchohol and a large serving of some type of pickled fruit, vegetable - or even insect.


  • Those who order this drink by name only gain a reputation for being adventurous, since you never know exactly what you're going to get. Fortunately most bartenders keep ingredients for dextro and levo friendly variations on hand.

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