The Pride of the Republics is an asari-owned and -operated luxury starliner. Her routes are ever-changing, offering guests new locations with every journey. Although passage is expensive, the Pride is known for offering considerable discounts to tour groups and parties on the majority of her cruises, putting travel aboard her within the range of most moderately well-off citizens of Citadel space and comparable star nations.

Although ever care is taken to avoid areas of unrest, the Pride's reputation for venturing to new locations requires her at times to travel beyond the most well-patrolled star lanes. Against the possibility of pirate attack, the Pride is equipped with the latest defensive systems and electronic warfare suites; although not a warship per se, she is fitted with defensive armaments consistent with her mass, and her power plants are significantly larger and more capable than most civilian vessels her size. In addition, her core crew are recruited primarily from asari huntresses and commandos, and have access to high-grade personal weaponry, making boarding actions a truly daunting prospect even for formidable pirate operators.

In addition to a range of luxury accomodations - from comfortable if modest cabins to palatial suites - the Pride is home to a vast array of amenities to keep her guests entertained between worlds. Dining areas include several top-class restaurants, with extensive dextro menus in addition to levo, and dishes from any kitchen on the vessel are available via room service. A number of bars, cafes, nightclubs and performance halls are dotted throughout the vessel, and in addition to her permanent entertainers the Pride is known for attracting artists from many fields to perform brief tours aboard her. Much of the topmost deck is occupied by a swimming pool, on the scale of a small lake, including a waterslide complex, and the hull above this space can be set for transparency to view nebulae and star formations as the vessel passes by, or programmed to simulate a number of planetary daylight sky conditions. Gardens and small parks are plentiful, using plantlife adapted to the vessel's controlled environment, however the jewel of the Pride's parkland is its botanical garden, a facility of considerable size, contained by environmental fields that perfectly replicate natural conditions, and boasting a number of rare trees and plants, as well as certain species of compatible fauna.

Out-of-character notes

The image representing the Pride of the Republics is the Axiom, from Wall•E.

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