Facial prosthetic of the 22nd century

PolyMold (registered brand name of Litto Fantasies and FX) is a popular type of facial prosthetic used in entertainment industry across the Milky Way.

It is a type of omni-tool malleable polycarbonate material used to alter actors' facial appearance to achieve a life-like appearance, opposed to use of CGI. The material can be repainted and sculpted easily, and does not require adhesives to stay affixed. Attachment is achieved in manner similar to Medi-Gel, through use of ultraviolet light and ultrasound to attach and remove respectively.

There are also sparse reports of PolyMold being used by the espionage community for clandestine purposes, but effectiveness of PolyMold is diminished there as it cannot convey body heat and can be spotted by thermal imaging equipment.

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